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Baltimore & Basil School Classes of 1913


Woodrow Wilson becomes president of the US

The Federal Reserve is established, reforming banking in the US

The first factory assembly line begins producing 1,000 low priced Model T's a day for the Ford Motor Company

Leo Frank, a Jewish man from Georgia, is lynched under accusation of killing a young girl

The Seventeenth Amendment, providing for direct election of Senators, becomes law

Congress passes the first income tax, with rates of up to six percent

Lloyd Bridges, Jimmy Hoffa, Vince Lombardi, and Albert Camus are born

Harriet Tubman dies

Philadelphia Phillies win the World Series

The first Charlie Chaplin movies are made

Sons and Lovers by D. H. Lawrence is published



Baltimore High School Class of 1913 

Basil High School Class of 1913