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Liberty Union High School Alumni Association

Class of 1923


Mount Etna volcano erupts on June 19th - 60,000 made homeless

First Le Mans 24 hour race run in 1923 in France King


 Tutankhamun Burial Chamber Opened


Calvin Coolidge was sworn in as president following the death of President Warren Harding


The Great Kanto earthquake devastate the Cities of Tokyo and Yokohama on September 1st leaving over 100,000 fatalities Rosewood ,


Fla Massacre and town burnt to the ground by members of the Ku Klux Klan


Series of Tornados strike Iowa and Nebraska killing 20 First baseball game played at Yankee Stadium


Royal Wedding of Albert Duke of York to Lady Elizabeth Rowes-Lyon in Westminster Abbey


Colliery disaster when 70 miners are drowned when mine wall caves in


Insulin is Introduced for treatment of Diabetes


Construction Starts on Sydney Harbour Bridge


Adolf Hitler leads the Nazi Party in failed coup d'état attempt in Germany




"Down Hearted Blues" by Bessie Smith